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Two years later, she returned to her husband and children at his urging, and she went on to become a well-known Danish author, living to the age of The play's final image of Nora is of an embittered yet sophisticated, intelligent, and newly empowered woman boldly escaping the infantilizing clutches of her old life. However, Kristine decides that Torvald should know the truth for the sake of his and Nora's marriage. She told Torvald that her father gave her the money, but in fact she managed to illegally borrow it without his knowledge because women couldn't do anything economical like signing checks without their husband. We must come to a final settlement, Torvald. Henrik Ibsen As the play opens, we find Nora as a passive recipient of whatever treatment is meted out to her. Rank leave the house, leaving Nora alone.

The first and final serious talk between Nora and Helmer represents a reversal in their previous roles. Torvald planned to cope with the scandal resulting from blackmail by stripping Nora of her spousal and motherly duties, but would keep her in the house for appearance sake.

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Also, during the climactic scene in Act Three, Nora seems to stall before running out into the night to end her life. Krogstad doubts her ability.

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Nora asks him for a favor, but Rank responds by revealing that he has entered the terminal stage of tuberculosis of the spine and that he has always been secretly in love with her. Torvald stops her all too easily, perhaps because she knows that, deep down, she wants to be saved. Nora becomes enthusiastic again and thanks him profusely. Before marriage, she was controlled by her father and after marriage; she was under the control of her husband. His hypocrisies are no longer hidden from Nora. Nora explains that she has done her best to persuade her husband, but he refuses to change his mind. Torvald returns from the bank, and Nora pleads with him to reinstate Krogstad, claiming she is worried Krogstad will publish libelous articles about Torvald and ruin his career. All along she had depended upon her husband basically due to the lack of education and the firsthand knowledge of the world.

Rank when he visits that morning. Some argue that Nora leaves her home purely because she is selfish.

A doll s house nora s quest for

In comparison with the "real" Nora, Torvald is the doll. The difference in his character before and after the temptation scene is remarkable. Nora explains that she has done her best to persuade her husband, but he refuses to change his mind. Would Nora have sneaked macaroons if she knew a crowd of people were watching her? Nora's independent nature is in contradiction to the tyrannical authority of Torvald. Nora is waiting for miracles to happen. She like Hamlet is playing a certain role, feigning behavior for her own purposes. Narcotics And Opiates. Kristine explains that when her mother was ill she had to take care of her brothers, but now that they are grown she feels her life is "unspeakably empty. In regard to the children, Nora realizes that if she continues the pattern of instilling societal norms on her children, they too will fall into the trap of dollhood.

She has been his "child-wife" and his "doll.

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