Advantages and disadvantages of fame essay

Needless to say one must stick to certain rules — unless you follow them you may not remain famous.

how being famous can change a person

This prompted Fawcett to publicly denounce invasion of privacy, explaining how painful it is to have your personal information exposed to the world and how violated she felt.

People constantly judge celebrities. Fans are the people who adore their celebrity idols.

is it better to be famous or unknown essay

To conclude, there are several benefits to being a celebrity. On the other hand, there are several disadvantages, you can't go peaceful anywhere because paparazzis are waiting for take hundreds of photos, so you should be protected by bodyguards.

celebrity lifestyle essay

Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems? Get the point? Supposedly everybody knows what these people make for a living.

Whats the advantages of being famous

Some of these simple pleasures of life include: Playing ball at the neighborhood playground Going shopping at the grocery store Going for an uninterrupted walk or a bicycle ride on the beach Lying on the beach without being mobbed on a sunny day Sitting on the park bench and reading a book without being asked "Can I take a picture of you? If Arnold Schwarzenegger heads out for a ride on his motorcycle on a sunny day, pictures of him are going to be splashed in the tabloids. As far as I am concerned, not everyone will be able to cope with fame. The stalker follows the person, sends her letters, calls her and camps outside her home. Therefore, if you are on top, you will appears everywhere — on TV, in magazines or commercials. One of the most glamorous parts of being a celebrity, for sure. Usually you have to attend parties or meetings even if you are not willing to. After analysing how fame makes a person rich and a role model for many, it is not hard to see that being a celebrity is an advantage, not a disadvantage.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Celebrity