An analysis of various themes of the seventeenth century poets andrew marvell and john donne

The whole poem aims at this climax, is constructed to that effect Roston Thus metaphysical means after the physical.

metaphysical conceit

Years he would spend growing his love, like a vegetable grows slowly, rooted and strong, in the earth. The argumentative point made by the speaker in this poem is the importance of time and a man in love not being able to wait another second to express his love for the women he desires The way to tell a metaphysical conceit from a regular metaphor is that they often exhibit an analytical tone, contain double meanings, show logical reasoning, and have paradoxes, symbolism, and wit.

give an account of marvells metaphysical characteristics

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Each conveyed the message of "living for the now. It focuses on imagery, paradoxes, arguments, philosophy and religion.

metaphysical poetry
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Andrew Marvell: Poems Study Guide