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The students were able to go back and forth between questions, until they chose to submit their answers at the end of the exam. Winslow reported that novice programmers in particular look at code from a line-by-line viewpoint, rather than any other type of meaningful chunk.

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This approach to correcting assignments is also supported by English who claimed that it is unfair to expect students to produce working programs in the same type of context that was tested as a part of this study Englishp.

Their results show that the students perceived that it was more difficult to answer the exam questions using a computer in comparison with using pen-and-paper Haghighi et al. Upon entering the site, the students were asked to log into the test session using their participant ID found in the assignment hand-out.

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Reason abstractly and quantitatively. What might we be able to do? By just using a computer for the exam, rather than pen and paper, this change might have a proficient effect on performance, without the added stress of possible compilation errors. L - Understand how to arrange information into useful order without using a computer. Winslow reported that novice programmers in particular look at code from a line-by-line viewpoint, rather than any other type of meaningful chunk. Since it is only an editor in comparison with a regular IDE , it did not allow students to compile or otherwise test their solutions once written. In order to lessen the reliance on working memory, any information needed in order to solve the tasks needed to be made visible for the students. Although it is hard to dispute that learning to program is challenging, another important issue that has arisen as a response to the issues of low retention rates and inadequate programming performance concerns how programming ability is assessed. Rajala et al. L - Understand and use the basic steps in algorithmic problem-solving. Construct an executable object-oriented program out of a conceptual model for example UML. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. The students were also given access to a test suite in order to verify that their program generated the correct output.

Support for readability As stated by Rajala et al. The new factor that was introduced was the digital programming test, which included a computer and an editor.

Student retention is another issue related to the low number of graduates. While the same assignments were to be given to both groups, the control group provided their answers using pen-and-paper. paper airplanes

This conclusion is supported by Sarpong et al. Although the number of students that confer degrees needs to increase, it ought to be done without passing students that do not possess the necessary tools to continue their education Daly and Waldron ; Jacobson , or who lacks the knowledge to work in the industry as a programmer Atwood Class Challenge As the teacher, draw an image on a 5x5 grid. When students learn and practice programming they are doing so with access to a computer with an IDE, including the internet and various other resources. The objective of this study is therefore to evaluate the exam mode effect when assessing programming ability among students. Test group To compare the current method of assessment with that of a computer supported assessment, the test group was to be allowed access to a computer with a programming supported editor, through which they would provide their answers. The dependent variable that was measured and compared was the test results of the two groups, to see if there were any major differences that could be correlated to the exam mode. However, adding the criteria that a program must run in order to submit it, as the test was implemented by Jacobson , puts extra pressure on the student during an already stressful situation such as a time-constrained written exam Haghighi et al.
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