Effects of h 1b visa program on employment and wage in the united states essay

Wage depression is defined as the fact that H1B workers are paid significantly less than American Nationals. It allows companies to hire foreign workers for specialized jobs that can be challenging to fill.

limitations of h1b visa

Many government officials also have this incorrect belief. Companies like Tata, Infosys, and Wipro have also lobbied against restrictions on the program, arguing that their services help corporations become more competitive.

Advantages of h 1b visa

However, the dependents of the H-1B workers will not be allowed to work and may not qualify for a Social Security Number. It would be better for U. According to them, there is a systemic shortage of American engineers and scientists in the country. It has benefited the tech industry enormously, and other sectors, including health care, science, and finance, have also used it to fill gaps in their workforces. Aside from the effects it will have on the wages and earnings of American workers, the increased cap will create some problems in the permanent residency part of immigration because there are already backlogs there Bartik et al. A number of national programs have been developed in order to influence the influx of these people into the US. Also, according to market indicators, there is not enough evidence of a systemic shortage of resident engineers and scientists in the US, one of the main arguments of lobbyists for the increase in H-1B cap. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, Studies have been made by special interest groups that are known be against this immigration policy to prove the actuality of this piece of information. True enough, the American companies are getting more value for their money by employing the younger, expatriated professionals but in the long term, if care and proper restraint is not taken towards the H1B immigration policy, the employment rate of the country might suffer.

In order to secure a visa, one has to get in touch with the American Embassy located in his country of residence, complete the requirements, show up for interviews and pay the necessary fees.

However, it was removed before it eventually became a bill.

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This requirement is only for H-1B dependent companies, though there are exceptions to this rule. Also, earnings and wage growth have been moderate and more or less the same as other professions. It would be better for U. It would be too drastic a measure to totally scrap it from the system.

h1b visa economic impact
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