Grade 3 summer writing activities

Get Technical: Help your child use a computer to research a topic or communicate with friends and family.

75 summer writing prompts

Your child can then report the findings to your family like a news reporter. Your child can come up with a list of questions she has about a topic, and then you both can work together to find the answers, experiment, and observe that topic.

3rd grade writing prompts pdf

Students read longer texts, and most read fictional chapter books. Works in groups and as a class to conduct experiments and create projects.

3rd grade writing prompts

Then, have them continue the story, trying to up the ante on how ridiculous they can make it while still making some amount of sense. Third graders have the ability to understand the communities beyond their own, as well as question and examine the facts they learn, making social studies an ideal outlet for them to develop their critical thinking skills. Rhyming at the Beach Comb the beach with your first grader for hints to help him think of words that rhyme. Time It: Toward the middle and end of the school year, when your child has become more familiar with multiplication, time how long it takes him to do multiplication tables by heart one number at a time. Your child will learn about it all in this fun-filled read detailing the history and geography of North America. Students read longer texts, and most read fictional chapter books. My Encyclopedia of Baby Animals is a super-cute reference guide for animal topics! Discuss temperature, humidity, wind speed, precipitation, etc. Get Technical: Help your child use a computer to research a topic or communicate with friends and family. Forest preserves, botanical gardens, and park districts also often have nature programs designed for kids.

However, this year, technology becomes an even more important part of the classroom as students use it for writing and research. Help your child learn phonics with this colorful consonant clusters worksheet! Discusses American holidays and important days and events as they approach.

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Social Studies in 3rd Grade Third grade social studies often emphasize and teach students about different communities, including details about citizenship, leaders and governments, and economic systems in different communities. Students may spend a long period of time say, a few weeks working on one piece. To build science skills, your 3rd grader: Observes living and non-living things and makes inferences about the observations. Finally, publish their pictures and puns in a classbook that would make Shakespeare himself proud. Value Set Pack of 8 — This set is a must-have for getting kids excited about animal science. Reads grade-level text with appropriate pace, accuracy, expression, and understanding. What Would She Do? Learns about how different communities govern themselves and their leaders. Perhaps the hero of the story is a lazy knight who prefers napping to dragon-hunting, or maybe the princess is secretly obsessed with collecting pet frogs. Understands and creates fractions and uses number lines to represent and compare different fractions. Map It Out: When visiting a new place, look at a map and show your child your planned route and important locations on it. Give your silly storyteller a fun way to practice her writing skills with this picture-perfect story starter. If you could eat anything in the world for 24 hours, what would you eat?

Form a Family Government: Assign different roles to family members, vote on family decisions or rules, or hold meetings to discuss decisions and issues that come up at home. Have your child do the measuring, too, and help your child learn how to double a recipe or cut it in half. Once the plant has grown, help your child identify the different parts of it and talk and learn about what those parts do.

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