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When should I schedule the meeting to deposit my final thesis copies? Disciplines or or or to the credits.

Call the Graduate Office at For this purpose, each research candidate will be asked to submit a progress report to the supervisor s by the dates stipulated in R Academic staff of the Institute who has an experience of more than 5 years.

After that, SRC may be reconstituted consisting of new Supervisor s and keeping the same internal and external experts. No, the Thesis Examiner can not review electronic copies.

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However, as a special case, this limit may be extended on the recommendation of SRC to a maximum of six years for Full time research candidate and seven years for Part time research candidate by the Dean, Academic Research DAR after which the registration shall stand cancelled automatically.

Those without a Ph. Roorkee offers academic programmes leading to the award of Ph. Yes, you must have an appointment. The time varies depending on the state of your thesis. In case of resubmission of the thesis, a fresh fee for the examination shall be paid by the candidate.

Those who are not awarded assistantship can continue with the programmes as a self financing student. In case clear recommendation is not forthcoming, the matter may be referred to the Director for his decision.

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Doctoral Thesis Examiner