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Students being degree or diploma are to embark on this internship for minimum of two months to enable them obtain practical industrial experience in the field of study and also to abreast themselves of the business environment.

Step 5: Rules Regarding Appendix Incorporate specimens of the work you did at the internship. This was done to make subordinates feel like they are in a family and encourage them to achieve a certain goal or level of performance.

Think about your experience and state the positive and negative side. It helps the student to learn discipline and principles of working ethics. Currently there are five 5 departments at the company Finance Department, Administration Department, Marketing Department, Sales Department and Technical Department and each one of them has been projected to comprise of several divisions.

The intern sat for nine 9 to ten 10 good hours in a day typing and preparing either reports or doing an online research about a particular task. Create a cover letter for your internship report Must have a cover page, a table of contents and the number the pages.

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The intern was the first person ever to be given this duty since the company was established. I say thank you very much Director. Download What to Write in an Internship Report Like a performance reportan internship report will assess your overall performance throughout your internship.

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How to Write a Report After an Internship (with Pictures)