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A good overview of the organic advisory service in some countries in the European Union is given by Ferester and Gruber IFOAM has more than member organizations in more than countries of the world.

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Conventional farmers add antibiotics to their livestock in order to enable them to grow faster and fight off diseases such as E. Although organic food is more expensive than non-organic, processed food, it is cheap compared to the price that humans will have to pay if they continue their non-organic diets.

IFOAM membership is open to associations of producers, processors, traders and consultants as well as to institutions involved in research and training committed to organic agriculture. This is most likely the cause of the great decline in the bee populations around the world.

Organic farming does not pose these types of threats because organic crops are not sprayed with these detrimental chemicals. Iron is an essential mineral because it helps distribute oxygen throughout a person's body.

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Magnesium is also a vital mineral, however, most Americans do not have enough of it. Farmers have also been genetically modifying crops and animals in order to make them grow bigger. It is evident that food preservatives provide humans with more harm than benefit. Pesticides are also polluting the earth's air. The UV exposure can lead to skin cancer and can sap the human immune system. Ascorbic acid is proven to be higher in organic produce, but why is this beneficial to consumers? Farmers add chemicals such as hormones and pesticides to non-organic meat and produce that can cause harm to the human body. The aims of the groups are various; some of them were founded specifically to coordinate research activities Nordic group, Mediterranean group.

Additionally, an organic food diet reduces a person's exposure to harmful hormones and antibiotics. Numerous potential research fields were named; the most important were: weed control especially in root weeds like thistles; potato blight control without copper agents; various pests and crop protection techniques; strategies for quality cereal production.

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Since organic farmers do not use these artificial chemicals, their use of energy during food production is significantly less than the amount of energy used by the non-organic farmers. Since most organic farmers sell their products locally, they do not rely nearly as much on fossil fuels for transportation as non-organic farmers do. Coli and Salmonella. Most development in terms of advisory service is needed in the countries of Southern Europe: where only a few advisers are available and are mainly private consulting firms or advice through seminars of the producers organizations or exchange between farmers. It is evident that food preservatives provide humans with more harm than benefit. Some of the advisers said that the information was too scattered and that too much time was needed for information retrieval. Sulphites, that are used to help food products last longer, can cause asthma. These additives can cause allergic reactions and can also lead to cancer. It is astonishing that [a]s much as forty percent of energy used in the food system goes towards the production of artificial fertilizers and pesticides Fossil.
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