Save and protect the girl child

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There should be safety and protection provisions for girls in all public places. According to the statistics, it is found that female literacy is decreasing continuously in Odisha where girl child do not have equal access to the education and other activities.

Government of India has taken some positive steps regarding save girl child such as protection of women from domestic violence actban of female infanticide, immoral traffic prevention act, proper education, gender equality, etc.

Save and protect the girl child

Female foeticide was one of the big issues however have been banned by the government by the stoppage of ultrasound for sex determination, scan tests, amniocentesis, etc in the hospitals. Dhanalakshmi Scheme was launched in by the Ministry of Women and Child Development aiming to provide cash transfer to the family of girl child after birth, registration, and immunization.

It needs to be established that girls are in no way less than boys. This campaign is supported by the various government and non-government organizations in India.

While several privileges are given to the boys; girls are often restricted to the confines of house and given very little or no opportunities to learn and grow in life. It created gender inequality in society and was very necessary to suppress when bringing gender equality.

Empowering women is the most effective tool to save girl child. Educating a girl has far-reaching impacts.

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This is because girls of today are the women of tomorrow.

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