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Each individual was chosen entirely by chance and each member of the population has an equal chance of being included in the sample.

The researchers want to describe how the street vendors adhere on the Philippine National Standard for food products with the following criteria: the nutritional value of the street foods they are selling; the cleanliness of the materials being used; the sanitary practices performed by the vendors; the vendors general appearance in terms of hygiene and behavior in preparing and handling food products.

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The result of this study will also be helpful to the Officials of Barangay Greater Fairview, Quezon City, as it serves as a reminder to continually monitor and manage the prevalence of street foods in their area and to pursuse complete adherence from every street vendor under their jurisdiction. For the consumers, the researchers used the simple random sampling in selecting respondent. What are the prescribed standards and procedures in the preparation of street foods as observed and. It was widespread in the transition from feudalism to capitalism Scott , p. However, the informal nature of this sect of the economy sometimes allows poor hygiene standards, making consumption of street food a potentially hazardous source of nutrition. Dictionary of Philippine street food. The researchers have used three methods in collecting reference data, and this considers the method of interview, observation and utilizing questionnaires. The researchers include only those who vend via ambulant stalls, and the foods that were stated above. Related Interests. Responses would be limited to the scope on the questionnaires and that the questions will be only, with regards to the research and is clear.

If consumers continuously eat street foods, then health illnesses may occur. Are street foods really dirty?

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Purposive sampling starts with a purpose in mind and the sample is thus selected to include people of interest and exclude those who do not suit the purpose.

However, because of the continuous globalization, hygiene practices were set aside.

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They benefit from its healthy consumption as well as it grants one important aspect in Filipino culture finding pleasure in eating. And formatting my thesis, and his encouragement when I was not making progress.

What health benefits do street foods offer?

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In the Tagalog language was named the national language. Fresin Fries is a trendy new venture in downtown Singapore. Mga tanong sa Tagalog Questions including " What is a pook" and " What is taludtod". John Walsh D. Ang magiging saklaw ng pananaliksik tungkol sa street foods na partikular na ibinebenta sa mga kalye Dapitan, Espana, Lacson, at P. What are the prescribed standard and procedures in the preparation of the street foods as observed and self-evaluated by the respondents, as to: 8. Fried chicken skin is a chicken skin battered and deep-fried.
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